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Hey guys, welcome to my site, my name is Jim (Serevinus)

I am a webcam model on Chaturbate and CAM4, just look for Serevinus. I am quite shy but very playful, come and see for yourself if you love cumshows and anal, keep reading if you want to know more.
No site here yet, but I am working on it, once I have a site up, I will have lots of photos and videos for you to play.
In the mean time, here is my cam and chat on Chaturbate (if I am online) and some information about me.
Serevinus, in a suit, bow tie and trilby, looking very dapper if I say so myself
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About Me

Outside of camming I am a very quiet and shy guy, when I cam though (on Chaturbate or CAM4) I can be quite flirty and outgoing and I am happy to talk about (and do) almost anything.
Because I am a quiet guy, I love to stay in and either read, listen to music, watch TV, films, cook, or go for walks in the country and take photos.
When I read, watch TV or films, its usually fantasy or science-fiction, but I do love romance, comedy and crime drama as well. Musically I love almost anything from the 60s onwards, particularly classic rock. I am not so much into rap or classical, and if Adele comes on the radio, the radio goes off, I cannot stand her (sorry if you are a fan).
I love good food, and like to cook Thai, Chinese or Indian food. I also love to make sweet things like cakes, tarts, torts, and home-made chocolates. Making bread is also quite therapeutic (by hand of course, I will never use a bread machine). Oh, and if I see chocolate, its gone.
I don't smoke and I am trying to give up drinking, or at least to not drink quite so much.
At one point I had long purple hair, and piercings in my ears and eyebrow, wasn't really such a good look. Sadly, my eyebrow ring got pulled out by accident and since then I have never had any piercings. You can see that I now have a beard and moustache, and that I totally rock the 40s vibe.
People tell me that I am a good listener, people tend to want to open up to me quite quickly about their problems and I am happy to listen.
I can get very emotional when I watch something sad, I am not ashamed to admit that I cry sometimes when watching or reading a sad or happy story.
I tried archery on holiday recently and liked it so much I am considering joining an archery club.
If you have any requests for shows or videos, I will see if I can fulfil them for you.
I Chose Serevinus as a name because I love to read, I am named after a character in a series of books by David Gemmell called Severinus Albinus, who was a general in the Ninth Legion (in the books at least). The first time I chose the name (a long time ago) I spelled it incorrectly, and the name has stuck with me.
Lastly, sorry guys (and girls), but I already have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend, Melissa, who knows what I do here and supports me.
Please follow me on Twitter if you would like to know what I am up to and when I will be online.
Pupici Serevinus

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